Now that your vehicle has been dropped off, you might ask what the next step is.
Here’s a brief description of each step of the repair process.

1. We will review your Insurance Estimate to see what parts are needed. We will also check for anything your Insurance Company should have written for but didn’t.
2. We will then assign a technician to disassemble the damaged portion of your vehicle.
We do this to expose any hidden damages. Example: If you have front bumper damage we must remove bumper to expose any damage to several components under bumper.
3. After your vehicle is disassembled we will then write a supplemental estimate. The supplemental estimate is based on whatever your insurance company’s appraiser missed on the original estimate. This supplement will need to be authorized by your Insurance Company’s appraiser prior to shop continuing repairs on your vehicle.
4. We will then contact your Insurance Company’s appraiser with a request that they come to the shop and negotiate a supplemental estimate. We cannot proceed with repairs unless we have authorization from your Insurance Company’s appraiser.
5. Once we have received a faxed or emailed copy of the supplemental estimate from your Insurance Company’s appraiser we will review it to make sure it is consistent with our supplemental estimate. If the supplemental estimate is correct we will then proceed with repairs. NOTE: Some claims can require more than one supplemental estimate. This depends on the size of repairs.
6. We will contact you with updates via phone, email, or text. We will give you an update during every phase of repairs. However there can be several days when we are either waiting for your Insurance Company’s appraiser to arrive or Insurance Company’s supplemental estimates. We will keep you as updated as possible.
7. We will update you when your vehicle’s bodywork is complete.
8. We will update you after we have completed any paintwork to your vehicle.
9. We will update you after we have assembled your vehicle.
10. We will contact you to schedule a time for you to pick up your vehicle as repairs are completed.
11. Please understand as efficient as we try to be we are still at the mercy of your Insurance Company and part vendors. We will always strive to be as accommodating as possible. We appreciate your understanding and patience because in the end our only goal is to provide you with the BEST REPAIR AND THE BEST SERVICE.