Restoration Services

Restoring vs. Repairing

What’s the difference?

There is a difference between repairing your damaged vehicle and restoring it to its pre-accident condition and its more than just semantics. Even after your vehicle has been inspected by your insurance adjuster, there may still be hidden damage to vital components that may not appear until repairs are well under way. It is your right to have your vehicle restored to its pre-accident condition in every respect, not just cosmetically.

Doing it right…

We believe there is only one “right way” to repair your vehicle and that it is to fully restore it to its pre-accident condition. Often times that means more work for us in dealing with your insurance company’s adjusters when hidden or unaccounted for damage is discovered during the repair process. We have built our reputation for quality on “doing it right”, working on behalf of and satisfying you, our client.

Dealing with hidden damage—a threat to your safety

After an accident, what you can’t see may be more important than what you can. This is why it’s vitally important to have your vehicle fully restored to its pre-accident condition by an authorized and reputable auto body repair facility. What is at stake is not just the proper functioning of your vehicle, but also your driving safety.

What can happen?

Unfortunately, the list is almost endless. Frontal collisions often produce damage not only to the fenders, hood and grille areas, but may also damage engine and suspension components as well. Frontal collisions are not the only cause of significant “hidden” damage. Damage to a vehicle’s undercarriage and frame can also occur in many other types of impact – even in seemingly minor collisions. It is critical that this type of damage be looked for and properly repaired to restore the proper driving safety of your vehicle. Many modern vehicles utilize a modified frame, called unitized construction, where certain body panels actually comprise part of the vehicle’s frame. Here again, it is critical that the vehicle be properly checked and repaired using specialized frame measuring and straightening equipment to properly restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Matching Your Paint Color

This is always one of the most critical steps in the restoration process and often the first thing most people notice when picking up their vehicle. Color matching used to be done exclusively “by eye” in a time-consuming trial and error process. The skill (and eyesight!) of the paint finishing technician were the crucial factors in ensuring that there was no visible difference between the repaired section(s) and the rest of your vehicle. However, like everything else, technology has changed this.

Color Matching

PPG Touchmix XI

To obtain an excellent paint finish and color match, S&F Autobody utilize PPG’s Color Solutions Technology and automotive paint products. The PPG system provides the latest in color match information and technology to provide our paint technicians with the finest in materials, technology, equipment and training to produce a best-in-class paint match and paint finish. This color match system includes the RapidMatch XI spectrophotometer option. With sophisticated optics, this device analyzes the vehicle’s color and integrates the data seamlessly with the PAINTMANAGER® XI software. The software takes that data and in seconds, searches the thousands of formulas to find the closest variants for a particular resulting in an excellent color match. Our auto painting teams at both locations are PPG certified to ensure proper paint application, product long term performance, gloss, and final appearance.

The PPG Envirobase paint is regarded as one of the highest quality and most advanced refinishing systems in the automotive paint industry and their products are backed by the PPG lifetime warranty. Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, and Audi are just a few of the auto manufacturers that approve the PPG car painting system.


Your vehicles’ 17 digit VIN (vehicle identification number) includes a great deal of information that helps to automate getting a perfect color match for most newer vehicles. Once provided with the VIN, our system can determine factors such as where your vehicle was manufactured, the date of manufacturer and the paint formula used on that date. In fact, this system provides superior color matches for some 98 percent of all vehicles sold in the United States since 1997.

Delivering everything high-production collision centers need, the Envirobase High Performance waterborne system achieves outstanding color match for today’s OEM finishes and provides easy to use products for improved cycle times. Envirobase High Performance products are not only included in the PPG Paint Performance Guarantee—they are also backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. No longer just a basecoat color platform, the Envirobase High Performance system provides a suite of undercoats and clearcoats that integrate flawlessly with its advanced waterborne basecoat providing best-in-class color accuracy and durability.